The Art of the Interview

In This Section
  • Our Guide "The Art Of The Interview"
  • Tools, Forms & Strategies For Interviewing
  • How To Create Offers Of Employment Interviewing
  • Techniques For Controlling The Interview
  • How And What To Communicate If Terminated
  • Links Section - Research Directories For Employers
  • Links Section - Articles Of Interest For Interviewing

About The "Art Of The Interview" Guide
Don't panic, this self-study workbook will take you step by step through understanding and preparing for an interview. We have helped jobseekers with career transition for over 25 years and will share our knowledge about the interview process from an employer's standpoint and the types of interviews you will encounter.

We will help you learn how to prepare yourself for an interview and provide tools to help you as a candidate create offers of employment. We recommend you go through the entire workbook from start to finish because the information builds on itself. Once completed you should be better prepared to interview and create offers of employment through the interviewing process. Guide Content Below.
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This guide includes:
Interviewing Mission
The Interview
Types of Interviews
Preparing For the Interview Research the Company
The Art of the Interview
Interview Protocols
Interview Demeanor & Strategy
Closing the Interview
Post Interview
Example Post Interview Letter
It Is A Question Of Questions
What to Ask
What To Answer
How to Prepare / Practice Interview Questions
Accomplishments For Your Success Stories
Writing Your Success Stories
Appendix A: Create Your 1 Minute Elevator Speech
Appendix B: 190 Interview Questions
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