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Coaching Email Support 30 days
We will provide coaching and support for 30 days, or more as purchased, through email only, if you purchase access to Jobwize.  We will provide answers to any question regarding your job search or our site's content to the best of our ability.  We will make our best efforts to respond within 24 hours and hopefully sooner.

You Agree To Protect Our Copyrights

By accepting our terms of service you agree to abide by the copyright protection of the downloadable guides and other information we provide as part of access to Jobwize.   Meaning our guides and the other information we provide may NOT be:

  • emailed
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  • You understand that these guides and other information are for your personal use ONLY and if used even in a educational setting, written permission must be acquired before distribution.

    Unauthorized use of Jobwize documents is violation of copyright and is punishable by law.

    Refund Policy - Access Fees
    Jobwize provides access to products that are informational in nature. Once access is obtained we have limited control of the content and as such no refunds will be given after the first 24 hours of access. If within the first 24 hours of access to Jobwize you are dissatisfied we will refund 100% of your access fee.

    Privacy Policy /Confidentiality
    Jobwize is committed to confidentiality and protecting your privacy.  This Privacy Statement outlines how information from this site is used, who has access to this information and how Jobwize uses the information contained in your profile or communications.

    Information gathered through the registration process or via other forms of communication will be held strictly confidential.  We will use your information to provide services, support and job search advice.   We will not share your information with other parties without your consent.

    If you have questions or concerns please contact us at support@jobwize.net.