Negotiating Offers Of Employment

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  • Our Guide "Negotiating Offers Of Employment"
  • How To Get The Best Possible Offer
  • What's Negotiable & When To Negotiate
  • How To Articulate Your Negotiations
  • Links Section - Articles Of Interest For Negotiating
  • Links Section - Determine Your Market Value

About Our "Negotiating Offers Of Employment" Guide
Learn how to get the best job offer possible, what's negotiable, how to negotiate, making counter offers, what is going on from the employer's perspective and more!

Hopefully, if you're reading this you are about to get an offer of employment!  What now? Don't worry, we can help you through the entire offer process. Negotiating offers of employment is a delicate activity but we will provide you with the guidance to navigate the offer process.

From what is negotiable to how to make a successful counter offer, we will take you step by step through the process and help you avoid the pitfalls in getting the offer you want. Only by negotiating can you maximize your offer!  Guide content below.
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This guide includes:
Negotiating Offers of Employment
Do Not Fear Negotiating
What is Negotiable?
When to Negotiate
Before Negotiating Determine Your Value - Do Your Research
Let the Negotiations Begin
Making Your Counter Offer
Handling Multiple Offers
Expediting the Other Offer
Handling the Request for Salary History
How to Resign Your Position
Counter Offer to Stay
Knowing When To Walk Away
List of Negotiable Items
Accepting the Offer
Example Offer Letter
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