Communications and Resume

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  • Our Guide For Developing Job Search Communications
  • Step by Step Guidance To Develop Your Resume
  • Links Section - Resume Templates
  • Links Section - Resume & Cover Letters Examples
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About Our "Communications & Resume Guide"
Don't stress, this self-study guide will help you create a communication plan around your job search including writing your resume. If you have decent writing skills there is nobody better to put this together than you because you know your story better than anyone!

Using our experience of helping job seekers with career transition for over 25 years, we will help you create "key messaging" that describes why you are looking, who you are professionally and what your skills and experience can provide a new employer. You will also construct several versions of your resume. This will take some time and effort but knowing what your messaging will be and having quality written communications is critical to an effective job search. Guide Content Displayed Below.
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This guide includes:
The Role Of The Resume
Communication - Key Messaging
Key Messaging Statements
Create Your Key Messaging
Write Your Professional Summary
1 Minute Elevator Speech
Writing Your Reason for Leaving Statement
Gathering Information
Understanding and Choosing Resume Formats
Chronological Format Defined
Functional Format Defined
Resume Basic Construction
Example Chronological Format
Example Functional Format
Pulling It All Together Writing Your Resume
A. Steps To Write A Chronological Format
B. Steps To Write A Functional Format
Resume Versions
Create A Plain Text Resume
Create E-mail Resume
Cover Letters
Check Your Social Media (Warning)
Job Summary Sheets (extras)
Resume Do's & Don'ts List
Do's & Don'ts For Graduates & Students
Other Guides