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  • Guide "Taking Advantage Of Working With Recruiters"
  • Techniques & Strategies To Effectively Use Recruiters
  • When To Go Direct To The Employer
  • How To Get Recruiters To Call You
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About "Taking Advantage Of Working With Recruiters" Guide
Learn how they work, how to get them to work on your behalf and maximize your search, how to make yourself visible in the marketplace, and much more!

Unsure of how to work with recruiters?  Fret not, we can help. Recruiters can play an important role in a job search as one facet of a complete search. Recruiters fill about 20% - 25% of the jobs in the United States. Understanding how recruiters work and how they are compensated will help you effectively work with them to your advantage. Having this knowledge will also help you avoid some pitfalls and frustrations with this part of your search. We will also tell you how to get a recruiter's attention to work on your behalf, how they operate, how to make yourself visible and much more. Guide Content Below.
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This guide includes:
Types of Recruiters, Fees and Who They Represent
Who Are Recruiters?
Be Careful Who You Are Working With Interview Your Recruiter
Recruiting Firms Come In Various Sizes and Shapes
Should You Work With More Than One Recruiter?
Understanding Contingency Recruiters
How Do You Get a Recruiters Interest?
Ten Ways to Get Recruiters to Call You
Going Directly To the Employer
Contact What Now?
Do's and Don'ts When Working with Recruiters
Understanding Retained Recruiters
How Retained Recruiters Work
Getting the Attention of Retained Recruiters
When a Retained Recruiter Calls
When a Retained Recruiter Doesn't Respond
3 Bad Approaches to Retained Recruiters
The Screening Interview
Other Ways of Going Directly To Employers
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