Planning Your Job Search

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  • Our Downloadable Guide "Planning Your Search"
  • The Avenues To Employment & The Hidden Job Mkt.
  • Tools, Forms & Strategies For Managing Your Search
  • Motivation & Psychology Of A Successful Job Search
  • Links Section - Resources To Support Networking
  • Links Section - Directories Of Employers
  • Links Section - Articles On Planning A Job Search
  • Links Section - Jobwize Forms, Search Planner, Weekly Report Card, Networking & Target Companies Lists, etc.

About Our "Planning Your Search" Guide
Worried about what to do next? If you are in the job market by choice or by unforeseen circumstances we can help. This guide will take you step by step through how to plan and manage a successful job search.

Using our experience of helping job seekers with career transition for over 25 years, we will help you develop "Your" marketing plan. We will also provide tools and techniques for managing yourself through what to many is a bewildering or even scary process. We will cover how to target employers, networking, social media, the Avenues to Employment and how to get your message out. So don't worry, follow our guide with its proven processes and strategies, and you will be well on your way to your next career opportunity.
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This guide includes:
Important Info Before You Start Your Search
The Hidden Job Market
Self-Assessment - Know Thy Self
Summary Of Skills
Developing Your Marketing Plan
Write Key Communications
Write Your Professional Objective
Write Your 1 Minute Elevator Speech / Professional Summary
Developing a Target List of Companies
Qualifying Your Target Market
Develop Your Target Companies List
Write Your Marketing Plan
Networking & Contact Strategies
Why You Need To Network
What Is a Relational Network?
Compiling Your Networking Lists
Networking Goals
Direct To Employers
Calling Employers Directly
Hiring Manager Meetings
Answering Direct Advertisements
Managing Yourself for Success
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